About the Gates of Hell

Why the Hell?

Matthew 16:18 says that upon the rock of the Messiah, the Son of the living God, will be the foundation for the Church, and that not even the gates of Hell shall prevail against it. Satan may send his darkest of demons, his greatest of armies, and his hordes of fallen angels, but those under the true Church of Christ Jesus will always win. This is also the foundational verse of From The Gates of Hell here.

From The Gates of Hell was launched in early 2006 to become a theological outpost for me, as I was doing a lot of studying and learning about Christianity. The idea was that I was preaching at the Gates of Hell. We leave our churches, and Satan starts his attacks. The Gates of Hell loom over our lives at all times. I go to an extremely liberal school where people seriously hate me because of my faith. I am constantly being confronted with words and names, often behind my back, and that is why this site has been such a great outpost for me. Because here I am, at the Gates of Hell, as everyone passes by, speaking Truth.

Shield of Faith

The logo for From The Gates of Hell was introduced with version two (released back in May). It is my Shield of Faith. Ephesians tells us to take up the armor of God, and the shield, that is our faith in Christ, is the greatest and will protect us from the flaming arrows of Satan. For this reason, while speaking of Christ and my faith, I should always carry my Shield of Faith to prevent my tongue from spouting blasphemy.

The Book of James says that the tongue is the most cursèd thing, in that one moment it can be blessing God Almighty, and the next be cursing His very Creation. For this reason, we need to be vigilant, and keep our tongues in check.

Who is James Finley?

Who am I? I am a Christian web designer in Schaumburg, Illinois, working towards my Interactive Media Design major at the Illinois Institute of Art (in Schaumburg). I have been in college here for now two years, having a little over a year left to go. I will then, I am almost positive, going to be attending Christian Life College in Mount Prospect, Illinois for a theology degree. The idea is to go into Internet Ministry.

I have been building web sites since my freshmen year in high school (Triad High School in Troy, Illinois), which was back in 2001. I have experience in XHTML, CSS, PHP, Perl (not much), mySQL databasing, and a little Flash. I also have had a sleuth of classes in Photoshop and Illustrator, and am fairly efficient in both. My passion is in the programming stuff, but I have been loving coming up with more and more layout techniques, and really playing with design.

I have a wonderful girlfriend named Nikki, and I am completely in love with her. We have been dating since August of 2005. We recently (December 2006) launched a new couple’s site (her Christmas present from me) at jn13.com. It is an information/feed site. Her blog and my blog are both fed to the home page.