You’d almost think it were my birthday with how many emails that were sitting in my inbox this morning. Apparently I am 21 today or something. Go figure.

So I have been very busy on a few small projects, and of course our big project, Ministry. We are hyped, and having fun programming all sorts of stuff. I have been on a XML and AJAX binge over the last few weeks learning what I can do with XML (and PHP DOM processing). I will be announcing the main project that has come from that soon. :D Also, Prayrbox will likely be getting a few updates next week, if all goes well. And, we may be launching another site next week along side Prayrbox that I think everyone will love.

So, on with my 21st birthday! lol Don’t worry, I have no intent to drink anything more than Mountain Dew and water. I mean it. No alcohol here.