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How many people realize what this man, President Ahmadinejad of Iran, is praying for the end of the world? How many of you realize that he is trying to eliminate Israel altogether? In June 2005, when he took office, he stated that we were 2-3 years from the end of the world, and he is getting fiercer and fiercer as we get to that. We are 2 years in, and he has at least 3000 centrifuges for nuclear enrichment, and though he says they are for energy, he also spouts war with Israel. Iran, we know, has been killing American troops in Iraq, has been funding Hezbollah and Syria in their attacks on Israel, and possibly even had/has ties with Osama bin Laden. This man is getting ready to do something, and is aching for war. This one man, we should be watching more heavily than anyone since Hitler, because he will be the next (if his Allah wills) to reign holocaust on the Jews.