The time has come for you all to put up with my geeking out over how sweet Ministry(Starter) is and how great it is to work with. Yeah, this thing is freakin’ sweet! lol I could never say that enough, and Tom knows that! lol All my templates were made and edited in Coda, since Ministry(Starter) supports offsite editing. But, anyway, on to the other news:

Yeah, if you cannot tell that this site has a new layout, you are likely using one of those screen readers. The new layout features a newly redone crest, also known as the Shield of Faith, brighter and more contrasty colors, and a slightly more Web 2.0ish look. Plus, I finally got rid of Textpattern and moved to my own Ministry(Starter). The switch was easy, being that I have been looking at Ministry(Starter) and salivating for the last year waiting to run From the Gates of Hell on it. lol

For the moment, I cannot show you anything from within Ministry(Starter) until we choose to release the next demo. I can say we are closing in on the finish line, and it is definitely powerful enough to run an entire site, as you can see here. I will likely publish the template codes though next week just to show you how easy the coding is for this site.

As for the other big features, I will be launching the tumblelog, new Photos section, and more next week. For the initial launch, comments have been disabled, but those should be back up early next week or even later this weekend.

I am so excited about the new features and getting this blog back on track as being a wonderful theology and random life blog, so I hope you are ready for this final stretch of the year with From the Gates of Hell.