This is going to be a relatively short blog entry, but expect a bigger one to come within the next week. Who has heard of If you haven’t, you should check it out. I have been an avid user of (I am a Premium, paying user) for the last year, and over the last few months have been following (a mega-church that offers their sermons as high-res video podcasts). Well, I just got word, because of the video podcasts, of’s new Web 2.0 bible. At first, I thought that it was going to be an eBible clone, but upon further inspection, I discovered that was certainly not true. YouVersion allows for you to easily tag verses, just like eBible. It allows you to search by tag, just like eBible. But that is where things divide. YouVersion allows for you to attach videos, blog articles, podcast episodes, and more to verses. So my first look-up was 2 Tim 3:16, and I found a link to a sermon on Catholicism and the authority of the Bible over traditions and rituals. It was lovely! I would really suggest that those of you who haven’t seen it go and check it out. Now. Like, right now.