Okay, so today I have been programming all day on what I was designing last night. I have the foundations of a really awesome database management tool underway. Think phpMyAdmin, but 200% prettier and easier. I have been programming it all in PHP 5, and have been having a ball! Maybe two balls! No, I’ll take the second one back for later. lol

So I have two major sub-projects going now. I have a portfolio manager and a database manager. The portfolio manager is to allow me to very easily build a portfolio website, and manage the projects/pages with great ease. I needed something that could handle the info, and tried Ministry(Starter). To my disappointment, this was not a good option for my needs. I wasn’t making a blog, so why use a blog to create the site So, this is when creating a custom system comes in and, hence, *P*ortfolio *M*anagement *S*ystem.

So tomorrow will be much the same. A mix of design, development, programming, and experimentation. Also, Nathan Freeman and I will soon be starting his photography site. So lots of and lots of work. Later!