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So I bought my iPod touch back in October, and hacked it a month or so later to get Notes, Maps, Email, and a few other apps that the iPhone had. Since I got it, it has become a big part of my daily routine. I jot down random notes and thoughts that come to my mind throughout the day, including programming, new theories about time and space, theology, and story concepts. I mark down all my events in my iPod to keep me on track with appointments, meetings, homework, and everything else. I check my email from my iPod, check my favorites sites from my iPod, and just about do anything from it that I would normally do from my laptop.

This I think is the future of PDA’s and mobile computing. The iPod touch is not just another MP3 player from Apple. It is a full-fledged mobile internet device. Now that they officially released Notes, Maps, Email (and two other apps that are escaping my mind right now) for iPod touch users, thousands of teenagers and 20-somethings are able to access the full, 100% real web from the palm of their hand. They are able to manage their lives from the coolest mobile computing device in years. They have the web, they have YouTube, they have their email, and much much more. Of course all of this is true for the iPhone too, but the iPod touch is for the audience that either doesn’t need a new phone, or cannot afford the extra monthly bills.

So now as a web developer, we have a new platform to hit, and as a Christian developer, I think that this is a very important platform for us to hit. Providing the Bible to these thousands of mobile users is at the forefront of my mind lately (along with millions of other thoughts and ideas), and I have been working on a few Javascript-based web apps for the Safari browser, but that isn’t enough. You see, for iPod touch users, there is plenty of time that we don’t have an internet connection. When we don’t, we obviously cannot access these web apps. So we need native applications for these things.

Well, next month, Apple is coming out with the official SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) to allow for just this, and I will be teaching myself Objective-C to be able to develop a full Bible app for the iPod touch/iPhone. I already have one going with the runtime (for hacked iPod’s/iPhones) called Jiggy, but I realize that once the official SDK comes, we need to use that to be official and to reach a wider audience. I have a copy of the whole New Testament from the ESV (using their API, I wrote a script to download it) and have a great little interface for it, but am just waiting for the official SDK to start the real app development.

This is the future of mobile technology, and with an audience so big (iPod touch and iPhone users), the Christian development community as a whole needs to make sure that we do not fall behind on yet another platform. Spread the Word throughout the world!