So I have surprisingly got into interface design over the course of the last year. Sure, I was designing interfaces for small CMS stuff, and for websites before that, but I have found that I have a knack for designing web application interfaces. This is of course thanks to the Ministry(Starter) project that I am heading all the design for. I cannot wait to show off more of the interface and tools over the next couple months and discuss all the stuff that went into it all. There are so many little UI widgets, subtle graphical accents, and CSS tweaks that make for a great user experience! Up until the end of last year, only Tom and I have been able to actually use it, and even then it was just for testing and not actual websites. Now we have three or four sites running it, and are running it for our own websites (including this one). As a blogger, it is everything that I want and need. I will be hopefully posting more extensive interface design articles soon here and on