When I thought that life was getting crazy, more freelance has come my way. Believe me, I am certainly not complaining, because more freelance means more money, but it does mean that my blogging has suffered due to my workload.

So what is coming from James Finley and 3onesix? Well, I am working on a brand new version of the popular iPhone Bible application from 3onesix. This new version is finally bringing Notes, and features a really great highlighting setup. No launch time has been determined as of yet.

Also, my personal freelance portfolio site is finally moving in the right direction and has a name (which anyone that knows me knows how important names are to me). The name is one Crimson Splash. A pre-launch site is being made to hold the eyes of people until I get the whole site done. This will be my first site that will be made completely in Flash, or at least the first that the world will see (quite a few have been made for classes.)

As for Ministry(Starter)? It is almost here. We have been making fixes to any bug we can find, adding small (but powerful) new functionality here and there, and getting all the core functionality done for the entire application. Needless to say, we are extremely busy with it.

I will try to get around here more to post updates, and certainly to announce anything big with my new Bible app, portfolio, and M(S). Have a nice day everyone!