“22 years old? Wow, where has the time gone? Serious, I lost the time. Anyone have a watch?”

Yeah, that’s what I posted on my Facebook status today. Does anyone read my Facebook statuses? They can be rather entertaining, if I do say so myself. The other day I posted a lot of penguin related stuff. Anyone?

Silly people. lol Gosh, it’s my birthday, everyone! It’s a non-important, in-between birthday, though. Last you was my 21st, which meant that if I wasn’t a Christian, I could have gone out and forgotten it was my birthday by drinking everyone under the table. But I didn’t do that. Three years before that was my 18th, which meant that I could officially by cigarettes for myself and my friends, but I don’t smoke, never will, and will never support other people doing so. And two years before that I could get my license, but I didn’t get that until I out of high school.

However, 22 is a nothing birthday. It is just another tick-mark on my walking stick with some odd stories about penguins destroying the world in between. I mean, I do have a twin, so it is two’s 22’s, but that would only be really cool if it was our golden birthday, but we were born on the 25th, so it isn’t cool. My next important birthday is in three years, which is my quarter of a century mark, and my golden birthday. Until then, I choose not to age. Yup. No more b-days. :P