Well, the last three months have been very busy in my life with everything from client work to my girlfriend and my anniversary (3 years). And some new technology has come into my life in the last week. I am in my Portfolio class this quarter, and as far as I can tell, should be graduating in December from the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg. I have a big job opportunity on the horizon, and am loving freelance more than ever.

So on July 17th, Nicole and I celebrated our three year anniversary (of dating), and went to Lake Geneva the following weekend for a day at the beach, away from life, responsibilities, and all stress. It was really nice, and we had a ball. I want to go back as soon as possible, because the hometown atmosphere reminded me of home.

Of course, we have been working heavily on programming, including the Christian Life Church website, among other things. My coding has been pretty non-stop for the last three or four weeks, on all things from my portfolio to random, nonsensical applications and expressions of genius. Fun stuff, all in all.

And technology-wise, I refreshed my mobile line this week. I got a new phone on Tuesday (enV2 from LG), which is a nice little phone with a full QWERTY keyboard for text messaging, and today I purchased a new laptop and iPod touch (32 gb). The new laptop is the long awaited (for me, anyway) MacBook Air. I am actually typing on it right now. It is really a nice little portable computer, and is unbelievably lightweight. I bought the 64gb SSD (flash memory) version, and lemme just say that it is weird hearing nothing move inside this li’l machine. lol

I want to try and blog more, so we’ll see. Oh, if you haven’t see Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, go to Hulu and watch it! lol Later!