The other day at work a man asked me to show him the iPod speakers, so I walked over and plugged my iPod into one of the speakers. The man asked me if I had anything good on my iPod, and I responded that, unless he knew Christian music, he wouldn’t recognize any of my music.

The man looked at me as I found a song that best showed the bass and sound quality of the speaker, and said, “Man, you are way to young. Don’t get into that Christian ****, it’ll warp your mind.” I did my best to just move on and show him the speaker, and when I was done and walked away, he said, “Dude, stay away from the Christian stuff.”

I work retail, and experience people on a daily basic coming in and using explicit words to describe their problems with their iPods, or just things in general. I have had to get used to this. C’est la vie. But for a man to walk into a store and attack one’s faith? What is this world teaching people. He was a man in his upper 40’s. A teen showing discust for Christianity, and religion in general, I have seen. I have had fellow students look down on my faith. But for an adult to be so rude?

It has been laid on my heart recently to pray for those lost. The world is approximately 30% (1.9 billion) Christian. Now, of course, only God knows how many of those are really born-again in Christ. The rest are lost. God wishes for not even one to be lost and perish in the eternal flames of Hell. He is a just and loving God. Through Christ and only Christ can you get into Heaven.

Realize that we will never be able to get into Heaven on our own. We are all sinful, and because of that, when we get to Heaven and God judges us, we will be damned. Sin = death. No matter what we do, we will not make it. We cannot just be a “good person”. No matter how “good” one is, they are still sinful in some way.

But guess what? God sent his Son, Christ Jesus, to die for us. He is called the Lamb of God. He was the sacrifice for our sins. He did nothing wrong, and lived completely sinlessly, unlike any man before or after him. He was pure. But he was given a criminal’s death on a cross. It is through this one man’s blood that we are saved. If we give ourselve to Him, and start a relationship with Him, he will save us. He said, “If you deny me before mankind, I will deny you before my Father.” When we get to Heaven and God is like, “You did this, this, this, and this before you were twenty, and ten times worse before you were thirty…,” Jesus will step up and say, “But when he turned thirty-two, he fell down and cried out my name. He is with me.” Jesus is the only way that we can get in.

A lot of my friends have heard me utter the phrase, “Jesus loved sluts.” The common response is a mix of discust, offense, and then finally understanding. Jesus loved the lowest of low people in this world, and died for them all. No matter what your sin, he will redeem you and wash you clean.

Today, I pray for the lost. Those that are looking for the Light in the Darkness, and those who are just stumbling through life looking for something to fill them. I pray that the Lord, Jesus, shines His pure and holy Light on the world, and shows those in the Darkness His pure and real love. Only You, Lord Jesus, can save them! Only You can make them pure and holy! Please Lord, save those that are lost! Bring the world into your love.