I have heard it way too often, and I have to wonder, is this wide-spread? I have heard too many Catholics that say that they created the Bible, and decided what should go in it, and this is why they can add stuff in doctrine that isn’t back by the Bible. I have also been told by to many Catholics that man made the church. I know that the second is utter hocky, because the church claims that Christ created the Catholic church through Peter (a.k.a. The First Pope). But the first?

God wrote the Bible. This is backed by the Bible itself. God assembled the original texts with the help of the early, Holy Spirit powered church. This was pre-Catholic. The Bible became a lot more wide-spread after the formation of the Catholic church, but if you look at the letters, you realize that the different writers had access to the other writers’ work. They reference each other. What does this mean? A lot was even assembled before the final text was written. This proves that it was being brought together long before the Catholic church.

Saying that the church made the Bible denies the divine nature of the text. If man made it, it allows the idea that some of it can be debated. And if some of it is debatable, who says that it is all possibly just a fable?

You start deteriorating the foundations of Christianity, and you can then add in anything or remove anything you want. That is why many Christians allow the idea that what the Bible says about homosexuality is a “cultural influence” and not divine Word. That is why many Catholics pray that Mary forgives them, and that our last pope (John Paul II) called Mary the Co-Redemptrix, meaning Co-Redeemer. This means that Christ needs help. Where is this in the Bible, that Christ ain’t powerful enough to save the world? Exactly.

The Word of God is just that: The Word. What is said is truth. Not debatable. You think that the Word was written by man? I think your a fake. I’m calling you out. You see, we as Christians are to build each other up, not tear each other down. We are supposed to help each other grow, but I see this kind of stuff and realize that there are way too many “Christians” that are not Christians. I see too many wolfs in sheep costumes amongst the flock of the Lord. This is dangerous. Test all to the Word, brothers and sisters. If something cannot be backed by the Word of God, then it is not true. If someone says that they are a Christian, yet believe that the church and the Bible were made by man, they are not really Christians, they are just following a good fable.

Our Lord is coming soon, and I assure any of you who are following false doctrine, you ain’t going with Him. If you believe that mankind made the Bible and the church, are you really following Christ? Hm? Or are you just following what others are? Or what your parents followed? Just think about it.