If you want to quote Him, walk with Him. I have faced it more and more. At school. At work. Out in the world. People that call themselves “Christian” yet are far from. People that can even quote the Word of God, but the next day I hear foul language coming from them.

I hear people that claim Christian, but tell me that they don’t believe that the Word is fully truth. If you don’t take it as a whole, you are making your own God to suit your opinions, attitudes, and preferences. Christ isn’t a God that you get to make your own! Just because you have no problem with homosexuality, pre-marital sex, drugs, or alcohol doesn’t mean that you can ignore what the Word says about that!

Realize that the Bible is set in stone. Everything said in the Word is 100% truth, and cannot be changed or ignored. You cannot be a Christian, yet still live and walk in sin! You cannot be a Christian, and keep saying those horrible, insulting words! To be a Christian, you must fully submit to Christ Jesus, and in that become like Him. Walk like Him. Talk like Him. Act like Him. You hear so many use the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?”, and they are not practicing it themselves. So I change this phrase to something that is better: Walk With Jesus, Dawg. That is what matters, the rest follows.

You can speak like Him, you can quote Scripture, you can do whatever you want to look more like Him, but guess what? Even Satan can do that! ( Luke 4 ) Unless you drop those sins in your life and flee from them, and walk with Him, you are not with Him. That is the key! Unless you drop your sins, flee from them, and walk with Him, you are not with Him! You have to shed the sins in your life and run from them. You cannot return from them, because in that, you are leaving Christ to walk on your own.

To all of you who quote Scripture to prove a point in an argument or use the turn “What Would Jesus Do?” look at yourselves: I know, many of you are with Christ and fully have the authority to use God’s Word in their lives, but there are others amongst you who do not have such authority. If you are using the Word of God in a harsh, condescending manner: you are using it for Satan. We are called to build each other up, not tear each other down. Too many have thrown Scripture in my face (often quoting it incorrectly or out of context) and have shoved it down my throat. Just because you can quote it doesn’t mean anything to me. If you are not following it, it means nothing. WWJD.