“You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.” Though it is very well known by now that Bryan Singer very much intended to make all the references to Jesus Christ in Superman Returns, it rings out a very true note. I just purchased the special edition DVD for my father, and in the special features they say that the world needs a superman, a savior, and that the people involved with making the movie took up the task because they believed that very much. I find this ironic that they mirrored words for the Bible, and mirrored Christ Jesus so many times very purposefully, yet don’t except Him as their Lord. They say that the world needs a savior, and we have one.

Superman, with his super hearing, says that he hears the world crying for a savior, so he takes up the cape to be the savior; to be a hero for a world in need. I hear it too. I have been blessed with great hearing. Sure, it is no where near that of the fictional superhero portrayed in Superman Returns, but I hear the cries. I hear the yells outside as people fight and argue. I hear their sobs as the world disappoints time and time again. But, Jay, you said blessing! You said that your hearing was a blessing, but you just hear pain and sorrow? No. Listen. Do you hear what I hear? “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.” I hear not just the pain, but hope. I don’t need to take up a cape and wear tights to save the world myself, because my Lord already saved it.

Can you imagine a time long ago, the ruler of the land orders a census to count the people. Everyone must return to the home of their ancestors. The travel was rough for many, and once their they had to have been aggravated severely. Did they hear it? Do you? A newborn baby’s cry rings out from the dirty manger around back, and in that little sob of infancy, the world met their Savior. If you were there, would you have heard the cry?

Today, just like then, we get caught up in the hustle of the world. To and fro daily. We yell and scream at the slow people on the road. We get frustrated by those that slow us down. Do you hear what I hear? Were you moving too fast, talking too loud, or just not listening? If God were to be the anonymous voice you heard in the mall that said, “stop and just listen, my child!” would you stop or continue? Maybe I don’t have superb hearing at all, but just hear things that most people ignore. Maybe I just care when I hear a fight down the street. Maybe I know when to ignore my own frustration, actions, tasks, etc. and just listen to the cries.

To us, a Child was born; a Son, the only begotten Son of God was given! Are you looking for a savior? Are you crying for hope, when all else is lost?Do you feel a void in your heart? There is someone listening, someone waiting and knocking at your door. There is a superman, a savior, ready to save your life. His name is Jesus, Immanuel, God With Us. He wants you to call for him. He wants to know you! Do you want to know Him? You see, it is as simple as calling out. God doesn’t make it hard. He saw that we cannot, in our own nature, come out of our sinfulness and into His righteousness. So He made it simple. Romans 10:9 says you simply need to confess with your heart that Jesus is Lord, believe this in your heart, that God rose his Son from the dead, and that then you will be saved. This means that you will have a protector over your life. You may still experience hardship, but you will have someone there to rely on, to catch you when you fall. And on top of having your own superhero, you will have hope for the life after this. Yes, Heaven is a very real place, but so is Hell. The Bible says that those that are not with the Lord Christ are against Him. You cannot earn your way into Heaven, only by the Savior, Christ Jesus, can you be redeemed and walk through those doors. You have hope to be in Heaven!

Now I ask: Do you see what I see? Your redemption is that simple! You see?