The lyrics of the classic “Christmas” song seem to mirror that of an omnipotent being, but in a very creepy, threatening way; implying a tally-taking man, named Santa is keeping track of our children, watching as they are sleeping and when they are awake. If it weren’t Santa Claus, himself, he would be considered a stalker, if not worse. Santa can technically be tracked, origin-wise, back to Saint Nicholas. He simply went around and gave presents to people. The Santa today is much more, and a much bigger distraction.

You see, the “reason for the season” is not just giving, it is salvation through the life/death of Christ. It is humility. It is love. It is surrender. With Saint Nicholas, we had a Christian disciple following in the way of Christ, sacrificing/giving his own for others. With Santa, we have a secular, non-denominational, disconnected, jolly old man that flies around in a sleigh giving presents. We have the idea that he gives to those that are good, and doesn’t to those that are naughty. That is a deeds-based reward system, but it is also teaches a relative “good”/“naughty” scale. What I mean by that is that it teaches what the adults deem “good” is good, and what they deem “naughty” is naughty, making it all in the eye of the beholder.

The real Creator, the real Giver, gives simply to those who ask and surrender. Not to the “good”. He corrects your moral/ethical standing after the gift is given. “Good” is designated by God, and anything that is against His command is evil. It is not to be determined by our minds, but his. Santa distracts from the real model of life. The gift that God gave us 2000 years ago was Emmanuel, Christ Jesus. Through His one and only begotten Son we were saved from our sin. Why do so many Christians integrate Santa Claus into their Christmas tradition? Because everyone else does it? Santa gives us gifts because we earned/deserved it, right? Did we do anything to deserved salvation, through the Son of God? Simply put: no.

The model taught by Jesus is to show love to everyone, even your enemy. Does your enemy deserve love? Santa wouldn’t give a murderer presents, would he? God saves the worst of the worst. For Christmas, we should focus on the real reason for the season: Christ. He was our gift, so learn from God’s act in Him. Give unabatedly! Forgive those that have wronged you. Give to those everyone else forgets! Santa is fake, made-up, dreck. Christ is the giver of salvation. The giver of life. He is every bit as real as you, if not more. Celebrate Christ next year, not Santa.